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About us

When using a specialized network for files delivery, it’s extremely important to provide the highest possible speed for files delivering. That is exactly what we do. We provide the craziest files-delivering speed along with super high quality service for customers throughout the globe.

We pay maximum attention to:

Building reliable infrastructure for our products
Making highly scalable solutions
High Speed and Performance


GetPortal provides innovative and secure files delivery solutions with extremly high level of customization and configuration. We will optimize your content for the fastest possible loading time no matter what the location of the end user is.

Our network provides the wide range of features starting from using the innovating technologies for content-delivery speed imp rovement to implementing the latest streaming technologies in the content-delivery process.

We’ll help you with:

Significantly speeding-up of your whole web-site (pictures, videos and other)
Increasing user satisfaction and improving experience with your website
Deploying and hosting your content on our trustful network


Recent development of the networking sphere in a global sense along with the huge growth of on-demand services and ground-breaking new media products, have caused the need of preparing the content in the way it will seamlessly be delivered to the end-user. That fact entails the necessity of providing not only the highest-quality content but the content which will be delivered in time and follow the initial expectation of the end-user no matter what kind of content they need.

That kind of necessity has resulted in constant searching for the most efficient solution for the web-site owners in the context of the loading speed and the quality of services. However, within constantly changing priorities we’ve managed to create a unique technology for files distribution which can not only influence the web-site speed and may also assist the web-site owners in preparing and broadcasting the online content that can be provided and managed on any device, from any location and at any time.

On providing our indispensable solutions we pay the maximum attention to the quality and reliability of our products. That means that our activity is totally aimed at improving your web-site quality along with providing the highest speed which the end-user will experience with your web-site. When the quality is crucial, when the speed needs powerful acceleration – we are ready to help.


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